23/12/2005Provisional FESE Response to CESR discussion paper - Market Transparency Data Consolidation (REF: CESR/05-741)

23/12/2005Response to the CESR Mediation Mechanism Consultation

19/09/2005Comments on Commission Working Document ESC/23/2005 Rev.1 - Draft level II measures for the MiFID

02/09/2005Comments on Commission Working Document ESC/20/2005 Rev.1 -D raft level II measure for the MiFID (including comments on ESC/7/2005)

02/08/2005Response on Green Paper on Financial Policy (2005 - 2010) Com (2005) 177

19/07/2005Reponse to fostering an appropriate regime for shareholders' rights - 2nd consultation by the Services of the Internal Market Directorate General

01/06/2005Response to CESR revised draft Technical Advice on Possible Implementing Measures of the Transparency Directive (Ref: CESR/05-267)

11/04/2005Response to CESR's Second Round of Consultation (05-164) on the Second Mandate for MiFID Implementation Measures

16/03/2005Comments on CESR's Preliminary Progress Report

10/03/2005Comments on 'The Current State of Integration of the EU Financial Markets' Letter to Mrs. Ieke van den Burg MEP

08/03/2005Response to CESR's Consultation Paper (04-512c) - Part II - on Implementation Measures for the Transparency Directive

07/03/2005Reponse to CESR's Second Consultation Paper (05-023b) - on Implementation Measures for Art.40 MiFID (Admission to Trading)

04/02/2005Response to CESR's first Consultation Paper (-4-511_ on Implementation Measure fo the Transparency Directive - Dissemination

03/02/2005Response to CESR's Consultation on Level 3 - preliminary CESR guidance and information on the common operation of the Market Abuse Directive (CESR/04-

28/01/2005Response to CESR's Consultation (04-562) on the Second Mandate for MiFID Implementation Measures)