Unleashing Europe’s capital markets: FESE conference on listing and trading

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Date: Monday 28th November
Time: 14:00 – 17:15 CET
Venue: Grand Hotel Bohemia, Prague and online

How to enhance strategic sovereignty has been a question on the minds of European policymakers for some time. But the conjunction of multiple crises – economic, social and environmental – illustrated by the looming prospect of the toughest winter in decades, has brought the issue to the top of many agendas.

As inflation eats into many business margins, and their borrowing costs rise, European companies need capital markets that are more robust and accessible. Fostering competitive markets and an attractive listing environment will help to bolster EU autonomy and address the flight in recent times of some of Europe’s most exciting and innovative companies away from EU public markets.

In this context, FESE’s conference in Prague assessed the outlook for European capital markets, focusing on three core themes:

  • Market structure: overcoming fragmentation and barriers to investors
  • Nurturing a more attractive IPO ecosystem
  • Facilitating retail participation

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