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Market Model Typology (MMT)

The Market Model Typology (MMT) is a collaborative effort established by a broad range of industry participants (exchanges, data vendors and reporting venues). The initiative is committed to achieving a practical and common solution for standards on post-trade equity data. The initiative unites a variety of industry participants in the basic belief that we can and should act without any further delay to improve the consistency and comparability of data from different sources.

To achieve this goal, we have essentially set out to implement the CESR Technical Working Group recommendations published in 2010. To do this, we have developed the Market Model Typology (MMT) project, which translates the CESR recommendations into practical action. Our model will allow for immediate adoption and could be used by vendors and their services. In addition to the work on standards for RMs and MTFs, we are gaining overall industry support for the standards and we are working to enable their broad implementation, in particular from the FIX Protocol to define OTC trading reporting rules.

This project was initiated by FESE and now is under the jurisdiction of FIX Protocol. Today, MMT has become a FIX standard. For more information, please click here.

The MMT Steering Committee is Chaired by Simon Gallagher from NYSE Euronext and the MMT Technical Committee is Chaired by Marc Berthoud from SIX Swiss Exchange and Vice Chaired by Marc Bumstead from Bloomberg. This last was previously Vice Chaired by Graham Green from Thomson Reuters.

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