“Wake-up call: Europe’s public capital markets” – FESE Manifesto

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Europe needs an ambitious Capital Markets Union (CMU).

The FESE Manifesto is a call for action for policy makers to deliver on transparency, promote competitiveness, protect European derivative markets and to ensure a holistic and long-term perspective in particular reflecting on how the EU can foster a deeper and more integrated financial system.

Public capital markets are a key financing tool and consist of a broad ecosystem that mobilises capital in Europe. Exchanges play a central role in these markets, providing access to capital for companies in support of growth, as well as opportunities for retail and institutional investors.

Well-functioning public capital markets, with Exchanges at their core, boost economic growth and create jobs and wealth for the European economy.

However, new proposals to the European regulatory framework need to be considered from a global and holistic perspective to address today’s key challenges:

  • How can markets best serve the European real economy to ensure funding, investment opportunities and efficient risk management?
  • How can European market infrastructure compete successfully on a global scale?
  • How can capital markets ensure transparency, safety, integrity and fairness?